Is there a final ski race? When will that happen? Presentation?

Every Thursday it gets exciting at the final ski race (Beginning: 10.00 AM). It takes place at the Tauwiesenlift next to our office. Also our youngest Ski guests can participate and drive a short distance according to the skills acquired.

Everybody who was in the ski course during the week is allowed to participate in the ski race. All children, who were still in the ski course on Thursday are automatically on the start list.

For all children, who have stopped taking the course earlier and still want to take part in the ski race: Please report this to the ski-school-office.

The ski lesson continues as normal before and after the ski race. The ski instructor does not start with his group until it is his group’s turn. So he doesn’t need much time for the ski race and can give normal lessons before and after.

Presentation will be in the afternoon in front of the children’s area after the ski course has ended. There is a medal and a certificate for all children. In exceptional cases (in the off-season) the awarding of prizes can take place after the morning class. The ski instructors will inform you accordingly.

For all, who cannot be there for the prize giving: Please pick up your medal and certificate at the ski-school-office (possible from around 12 PM on Friday).

Also children, who can not participate at the ski race are welcome to pick up a medal and a certificate from the ski school office. Because there is of course an award for taking part in the ski lesson.


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